About Anemos Energy

Power for Generations

Our capabilities

Activities undertaken by Anemos Energy during delivery of its projects and on behalf of clients include

  • analyzing government electricity/energy policy;
  • leading commercial & legal contract negotiations;
  • managing resource assessments and environmental surveys;
  • managing electric utility procurement and interconnection processes;
  • selecting professional consultants, contractors, vendors and equipment;
  • managing stakeholder consultations;
  • obtaining regulatory approvals;
  • raising project finance capital.

Our role

Anemos Energy is a facilitator and project manager. We work with clients, investors, government policy, and the appropriate technology to reduce the full life-cycle cost and carbon footprint of energy.

We offer the the option to deliver your project as a long term service with no up-front capital costs.

Commitment to communities

For us, it is important to support and protect local communities, their economy and their environments. Therefore our goal is to maximize the involvement of local suppliers and contractors in all of our projects. We are committed to open and transparent communications with all partners and stakeholders; including our First Nation friends, local communities and all levels of government.