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Renewable energy is a key source of power which is environmentally friendly and affordable. It is the fastest growing source of electricity generation in North America. It is sustainable electricity generation that does not deplete the earth’s finite natural resources. Wind and solar energy produce zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Electricity is an integral part of our society in every community. Anemos Energy understands the great potential for developing renewable energy power generation projects in Canada. Across the continent, Anemos Energy, along with its partners, has the expertise and resources to develop renewable energy in your community.

Anemos Energy Corporation is a Hamilton, Ontario based renewable energy company. We specialize in the development of community-based renewable energy projects.

We are …

an energy company with a vision


attainable goals

that is a

facilitator and project manager

and believes in its

commitment to communities.


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Our Projects

Schreiber, Ontario

Jarvis River, Ontario

Community development is at our heart

As Anemos Energy continues to develop existing and new renewable energy projects, we are looking for property owners, businesses and communities interested in partnering with us.

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